August 2018 Wallpaper Downloads

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Happy August everyone! I hope you’re having a great month so far. Per usual, here’s what has been happening in my life during the past month:

I dyed and chopped my hair I cut about 7 inches off my hair and I’m so glad I did! There’s nothing better than having your hair feel light and healthy after getting it cut. My hair is now dark brown, which is a fun change from my previous blonde balayage. It’s definitely a stark contrast!

I moved out of my first apartment At the end of July I moved the rest of my stuff out of my first apartment at college. Although I’m living in a great apartment for my senior year, my first apartment will always have a special place in my heart. ❤️

I went to Lollapalooza My favorite event from the past month! I’ve gone to Lollapalooza for the past 5 years and I’ve loved it every time. I finally got to be front row, which is a goal I set for myself the first time I went back in 2013. For any of you that are unfamiliar with Lolla, it’s a 4-day music festival that takes place in Grant Park in downtown Chicago. They also have festivals in Paris, Brazil, Argentina, Berlin, Chile and Sweden! I’ve never gone for the full four days because I don’t think my body could handle all that walking 😂 I have so many other music festivals on my bucket list and I hope I’ll be able to check some off soon!

I’ve been really into the 70’s look lately which is what inspired this month’s wallpaper! If you have any patterns or ideas for future wallpapers you’d like to see, shoot me an email in the contact tab! Just click on the image to enlarge.

sunshine DW

sunshine PW

Thanks for reading!


These wallpapers are property of Kaitlin’s Korner © and are only for personal use.


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