What I Got From the After Party Sale

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Happy September friends! As most of you are probably aware, earlier this week was the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale. The sale started here at 7 AM and you best believe I was ready to go with my coffee in hand! My first day of classes was also coincidentally the first day of the sale and when I arrived to my first class at 10 AM, I was already on my second cup of coffee. I love Lilly so much, but the high price tags have limited a lot of my purchases. If you’ve never shopped the sale before, let me tell you: it is worth the hype. Almost everything is 50+% off, which is rare to find in the case of Lilly. If you weren’t able to shop the sale this past week, no worries! The sale is semi-annually so you only have to wait until January (be ready to go for the next sale with these great tips!) Here are the things I bought during the sale:

Quick side note: I bought the Erin Dress early Monday morning and it’s already been delivered! (which is awesome, considering it’s only Friday when I’m writing this!)

Erin Dress– originally $98, on sale for $49


Since I first heard of Lilly, I’ve wanted a casual dress that I can wear to class without feeling dressed up. This dress will be perfect for fall, thanks to the longer sleeves. Even on a rainy day I can see pairing this bright dress with my Hunter boots and a fun necklace.

Ellie Coin Purse– originally $48, on sale for $9


I bought this completely on a whim. As I was shopping the sale Monday afternoon (because once is not nearly enough) I came across this adorable coin purse, and elephants just so happen to be my favorite animal. How could I not have bought it for only $9?

Nya Tank– originally $68, on sale for $34


Another great way to wear Lilly around campus. One of my favorite outfits to wear to class is jeans, a tank top and sandals. This adorable tank top combines my love of tassels and Lilly!

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