Back to School Essentials!

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Being prepared and organized for an upcoming school year is important to set yourself up for success. So whether you’re in high school, starting college, or an old-pro at the college thing, these items are essential for keeping your life together (or maybe just to give you the illusion that you have it together).

Water Bottle Staying hydrated is so important, especially if you’re in classes all day! A reusable water bottle works perfectly and you can fill it up throughout the day at a water fountain. I love using my Lilly Pulitzer x Swell water bottle for class (pictured above).

Planner What better way to start fresh in a new school year than with a planner? You can find some of my favorites here, here and here.

Laptop Backpack I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have a backpack to carry around campus. I have a Vera Bradley backpack that is perfect for storing my laptop and all my binders and notebooks.

Emergency Kit I’ve had a little emergency kit in my backpack since freshman year of college, and it has been SO helpful! I put in band aids, hair ties, ibuprofen, a mini hairbrush, and even a Tide to go pen (basically anything that I might need in a pinch if I’m away from my apartment).

Note-taking Device Whether it’s a laptop or good old-fashioned pencil and paper, find a method that works best for you.

Charger If you’re at class for a long period of time, there’s nothing worse than a dead phone or laptop.

Felt Pens Ok so I guess this isn’t essential, but you can never go wrong with fun pens! My favorite are from Amazon which you can find here. I love using these pens in my planner to color coordinate all of my classes.

Happy BTS season everyone!



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