Lilly Pulitzer: After Party Sale Tips!

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If you’re a lover of all things Lilly, you’re more than aware of the After Party Sale. But for those of you that don’t know, Lilly Pulitzer has a semi annual sale in August and January. The only time you’ll ever find Lilly items on sale online is during these sales and believe me, they’re worth waiting for. Sale prices are half off (or more!) and there are hundreds of items added to the site specifically for the sale. Because Lilly only has a sale twice a year, it attracts a lot of Lilly lovers. And I mean a lot. So in order to get the most of the sale, here are some tips I’ve compiled from my own experience and from other people!

Make an account beforehand This step is crucial. Having an account set up can be the difference between having 5 items in your shopping bag or having 3. Since nothing is reserved until you’re checked out, items can go out of stock literally while you’re paying (I know because this happened to me) so it’s definetly worth minimizing the risk by having your account ready to go.

Be logged into your account the night before Even if you have an account set up, it’ll be no use to you if you’re not already logged in! The Lilly site typical shuts down a little before the sale starts so it’s just best to log in the night before.

If you find something you LOVE, check out immediately! I learned this lesson the hard way during the sale. I had my eyes set on a printed pullover and while I was still browsing the sale it went out of stock. One of the best parts of the sale is the fact that shipping is free. The sale makes it convenient to place multiple orders, so take advantage of this!

For the best selection, get up early! As much as you may love sleeping in (and so do I) this is not the day to do so. I was ready to go when the sale started at 7 am CST. I decided to check back a few hours later in the sale to see what was left, and there were only around half the items remaining. So if you want to have the best chance of finding items you love in your size, get up early!

Hope you found this post helpful! Happy shopping!



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